The Art of Molly Van Roekel

I'm an art student at Memphis College of Art. If you want a commission, PLEASE ask! I'm always in need of money! Let me know what you would like and what your price range is, and we'll talk.


Here’s some recent work I have made at my art college!


Heya friends and followers, I thought I’d take a minute to show some of the non-schoolwork I have been working on. As most of you know, I have an etsy shop and it’s dedicated to watercolor clip art. I’ve been mostly focusing on natural themes. After such intense conceptual work, it’s great to just make a flower because flowers are pretty. 

Here’s my shop!

For every reblog my google stats go up, which is a big deal in terms of sales. So it would be really awesome if you guys could reblog this for me. :) I’m trying to be as serious about working this shop as I can be- spending my spare time painting these while I’m in school. There are lots of clip art shops that make bank, my goal is to be one of those and *poof* I would be a working artist. I have a lot more images to create before I reach that point, but it’s in my sights.

Wet into wet watercolors! I actually really love this method!

<p>Some watercolors I made for Vanessa in exchange for one of her prints! At art school an art trade is about a thousand times cooler.</p>

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That would be nice! I don’t have a whole ton of art on there, but there’s some!

Going at some tiny abstract oil paintings! I don’t think I make enough feminist art so I’ve abstracted a couple vulvas. Who says lady parts can’t be pretty?

There are an estimated 120 million feral cats living in the United States alone. These cats face a hard life. Most kittens die before becoming adults, and the adults that survive are subjected to a life of foraging for food and territory.  Female feral cats are subjugated to multiple pregnancies and births over a lifetime. 

These cats exist because of human irresponsibility. Domesticated cats are not seen in the wild, so ferals are the result of abandoned, un-neutered cats (strays) roaming and having litters of kittens. There are many viewpoints on what the most humane course of action is to deal with these cats. Some euthanize the cats, some believe that doing nothing is most reasonable and others are proponents of TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return.) Many shelters are unable to take in all the cats in a population and there are not enough humans willing to offer a place in their homes for strays. 

This series of works seeks to highlight the everyday experiences of feral cats and prompt the humans who view the work to consider the impact of allowing their pets to remain unspayed or neutered, and what abandoned pets experience daily.  The cats seen in this series are real ferals, some living and some dead. 

Here’s some resources for you if you want to know more about feral cats and how to help them:

These are some of the little sketchbooks I’m most proud of. They’re Japanese Fold, which means the paper comes out of the sketchbook and is folded like an accordion. It lets you paint in looooooooonnng strips. They’re really fun to work in! 

Most of these are for sale! But I like to look at sketchbooks as works of art, so I think they’re appropriate to post here. :)

This is a series of abstract paintings I made about my frustration with gender. We started with a combination of objects and for me it was a pill bottle, purple thread, chain links from jewelry, some flower beads, and two tampons that had been shredded. I know it’s not too clear what I was going for, but I felt really strangled by a lot of standards I was being held to, and that’s what these are about.

Abstract piece, this one was about fabric. I like to take side shots of paintings, I think if you’re going to be looking at one in real life, you want to see the texture.

Some painting in my sketchbook.

Some painting in my sketchbook.

This is a grouping of paintings for my color foundations class. It’s supposed to represent the seasons. Bonus points if you can figure out which piece is which season.

Art school means lots of drawing classes, and this is a group of Charcoal, conte, and ink drawings. 

These are some various things I’ve made for my Etsy shop. We have a series of watercolor paintings of tiger lilies, and four handpainted sketchbooks made of watercolor paper and bound with waxed linen thread. 

My shop is called Cold Press Creations, and recently business has been kinda slow! I make sketchbooks and watercolor art, but I also will do oil paintings and anything custom. Just contact me here on Tumblr or on my Etsy. :)